CunhaVillas, Construções Unipessoal, Lda

Perfect Habitations for Demanding People

The CunhaVillas, Construções Unipessoal, Lda dedicates to the Building Industry. The company builds not only for a third-party, clients that asks for a budget and the construction is done in function of the clients requests, but also builds villas in which the company buys the land, takes care of the respective planning permission and building license, builds it and later on advertises in the property market as a finished product. From the beginning that has the firm compromise to offer clients a high level of quality service, so it matches and converges with clients highest expectations. The management has the purpose to ensure the growth of the company, through a policy that envolves all of the cooperators, and having, permanentely, as essencial objective to define and to make the company better. The company's main objective is to improve and to innovate day by day in order to maintain total satisfaction of it's clients.

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