Located in Pêra area, less than 2Km from the beach and golf courses. This villa was built to economise through the auto-suficience return sistems that were used. With excellent finishes and good quality materials. The villa is well located on the sun in a quiet area with various other villas in the nearby. The location is 2 minutes walking to the centre of Pêra, and near restaurants and shops.You have 4 bedrooms, 2 of them on suite.


        Specifications List

  • Automatic gates;

  • Aluminium electric roller shutters with central control;

  • Kitchen with apliances;

  • Double glazing laminates with stop sun;

  • Garden with automatic irrigation;

  • Garden Ilumination;

  • Central vacuum;

  • Pool with salt treatment;

  • Pre installation for heating pool;

  • Bathroom for the gardner;

  • Solar system for domestic hot water with deposit for 300L;

  • Instalation heating floor on bathroom;

  • Centralized Ventilation with heat recovery ( V.M.C.);

  • Pré instalation outdoor perimeter alarm system;

  • Aluminium with laminated double glass;

  • Security “Dierre” exterior door;

  • Ceiling with fitted illumination;

  • Solar system for domestic hot water;

  • Thermic insulation with “Weber Therm” system;

  • Osmoses for water treatment;

  • Hot water with return;

  • Flushing with double discharge;

  • Energy Certification A;

  • Materials of recognized and certify trademarks;

  • Photos of the construction;

  • Proximity to the constructor.

About us

The CunhaVillas, Construções Unipessoal, Lda dedicates to the Building Industry. The company builds not only for a third-party, clients that asks for a budget and the construction is done in function of the clients requests, but also builds villas in which the company buys the land, takes care of the respective planning permission and building license, builds it and later on advertises in the property market as a finished product.




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